MSJE School Policies

School Structure: School policy is set by the MSJE Board of Directors and the School Principal administers the program.

The school is dependent upon volunteers and parents must commit to three activities during the school year. These activities may include; holiday celebrations, classroom enrichment activities, telephone trees, class parents, fund raising, mailings, hall monitors, snack sales, etc.

Graduation Requirements: Students must attend a Jewish school or tutoring for not less than three years and must be in good standing at MSJE during the year of their graduation.

Tardiness: Students who arrive late to class are disruptive to their classmates and disturb the teachers lesson. Please be punctual in dropping off your child(ren).

Attendance requirements: Students must attend and be punctual for at least 75% of the regular school sessions. Exceptions may be granted by the principal in special circumstances.

School Supplies: Jewish and Hebrew work and text-books are supplied by MSJE. Books must be treated with care and respect. Parents are responsible to pay for lost or damaged books. Students are required to bring a notebook, pens and pencils each week. Art supplies, i.e., crayons, glue, markers, will be supplied by MSJE.

Class Times: Students should arrive between 9:00 am and 9:10 am. All classes start promptly at 9:15 am and end at Noon.

Homework: Homework may be assigned each week. Please encourage and assist your child (if needed) to complete the homework assignment.

School Directory: A class list with addresses and phone numbers is distributed at the beginning of the school year.

Parent/School Relations: MSJE encourages on-going parent-teacher and parent-school relationships. Parents may call on the teachers or principal if they want to discuss information about their childs progress or express a concern that they may have. Should problems arise, it is expected that students, parents and staff will work together to reach an acceptable solution that will be in the childs best interest.

Parents who wish to help out in class should speak to the teacher at least one week in advance. Passive observing in the classroom is not encouraged and tends to be distractive to the teacher and disruptive to the students. In special circumstances please speak to the principal.

Conduct: Proper discipline must be maintained so that the school may function in the most effective way. See MSJE Code of Behavior for specific rules.
Safety: Students will be dismissed only to parents or guardians named in the registration form, unless a letter is written to the teacher and principal by their parent or guardian authorizing otherwise. Parent volunteers who check students in/out of the building will also need to be notified. No student is allowed to leave the building during class hours without written permission from a parent or guardian.

Snacks: Each class has a 15 minute break in which they may purchase a snack in the cafeteria. MSJE does not permit the use of the vending machines within the school.

School Closures: MSJE follows the Montgomery County Public Schools school closure decisions. In the event of a snow storm or other severe weather event, please check for Montgomery County Public School announcements on the television, radio or the Internet. We will do our best to also post information on this website and our voice-mail, 240-720-9711.